I’m Yva , your AI Task Assistant.

I keep track of important tasks. Automatically!

Yva is a secure virtual assistant which tracks your emails and creates a daily list of tasks that require your immediate action.

Never overlook Never overlook a request from your boss or client again.
Community Join the community of 130,000 users who are empowered by Yva and Findo.
Privacy Security first
Yva never stores your cloud accounts’ passwords.
You are the only one who sees your emails and tasks.

How It Works

By reading your emails, I can understand if the task is done or not and whether the deadline is approaching.

Google-like search results

I can even notify your co-workers if they haven’t completed the tasks you have assigned to them.


George Z. Gao
CEO of Foxit Software

Yva has changed the way we manage tasks entirely. It has helped my team and I streamline our workflow like never before.

Walt Thinfen
President & CEO at Visioneer, Inc

Yva is a game changer in helping us manage tasks. She’s a crucial part of our team and has helped us save an incredible amount of time.

Highest-level privacy
Yva never sees or stores your cloud accounts’ passwords. Yva doesn’t store original files. Yva utilizes strong TLS and AES-256 bit data encryption to protect your privacy. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.